The Magic Recipe

Oceans, rivers, and lakes from all around the world are being exponentially polluted by humans. People often dump sewage and plastics into water sources. Shockingly, amongst the pollutants; pills, cosmetics, pesticides, and even petroleum have been encountered. Water, an essential component in our lives, and a vital renewable source of energy, is being contaminated to the extent where biodiversity is being severely harmed. Eventually, it will be impossible to find a clean water source, as the insertion of chemical and biological waste has been taking place for hundreds of years.

Marino Mokinawa, a Peruvian-Japanese scientist who resides in Lima, Peru, noticed how the wetlands nearby his house, named El Cascajo, had become dramatically polluted. The waters produced a revolting smell, and the 150 hectares of wetland had shrunk drastically to 40 hectares.

With his 20+ years of expertise in bio industrial sciences, including a Ph.D. he used his knowledge on water quality to try something out, seeking a magic solution.

After 10 months of intense research and testing in Japan and Peru, Marino ended up inventing an eco-friendly, renewable, organic, edible, and revolutionary solution. He developed a bubbling nano-system which consists of ‘adding a microbubble solution to contaminated waters and using biofilters’ being able to completely purify polluted waters.

The micro-nano bubble has an electromagnetic field of positive and negative ions that works like a magnet. On the way to the surface of the water, it attracts viruses and bacteria, just as a spiderweb catches insects,” says Marino.

The logic behind this new technology is that it attracts bacteria and parasites, keeping benign microorganisms that contribute to the micro-flora of lakes. By pouring a certain amount, the solution attracts contaminated particles, which float to the surface of the water in less than ten minutes.

A year after this innovative project commenced, Marino managed to clean out the entire wetland area in his hometown. As a result, multiple migratory bird species returned to the local area, as well as 10 fish species. Marino and his unique idea became famous, as his innovative solution created opportunities to, hamper water pollution worldwide.

Marino additionally claims his solution is expensive but highly eco-friendly and efficient. It is even 100% organic and edible, being nutritious to the human body.

Nowadays, Marino seeks to use his solution on other contaminated lakes and make meaningful changes. He is developing a business with other members with his already patented idea. Marino and his environmental approach to solving water pollution prove that making the world a better place is a matter of interest, effort, and a fair amount of creativity. Marino, a humble 40-year-old man, started a project which will change the world we live in, forever, for the better.