A Natural Connection

Updated: May 30, 2021

We all know how the COVID-19 pandemic and its lockdown were an obstacle in our lives, and for most, changed it. The impact these restrictions had in mine, were not entirely negative. I had an abundant amount of time for myself, to accomplish goals and explore new passions.

Out of curiosity, I purchased a Canon DSLR camera as I thought I had a certain degree of interest towards photography and capturing important moments in my life. Over time, I developed my skills by educating myself in a prestigious institution for multiple months and receiving lessons from experts in the matter.

I had the privilege of spending a major part of the lockdown in the rural side of Lima, in the countryside. This gave me an opportunity to put my skills into practice, with a strong focus in nature. I got the chance to shoot at daytime landscapes, nocturnal landscapes (astrophotography) and the wilderness present. As these were the most common themes to shoot at, I developed a passion towards outdoor photography. Once I had a vast and diverse collection of photos, I edited them using programs like Photoshop and Lightroom, making them look professional.

This proliferation with photography increased my talent, interest, passion, and experience exponentially. Having the knowledge and the abilities, I produced a website to display my works, for everyone to enjoy. I even included the option for customers to buy photos, something that is becoming a success.

This passion for photography opened a new vision in my life: the environment. When I look at my works, I've begun to appreciate them from an ‘environmental’ perspective, realizing how important nature is, and how essential it is to take care of it, as global issues such as climate change; species reductions, deforestation, floods, wildfires, are trending. Having a sustainability-oriented lifestyle is something everyone should pursue, contributing in any possible way. Photography has permitted me to realize the significance of these issues.

You never know which surprises life awaits you, who would think that by shooting pictures as a hobby, I would become a more environmentally aware person, being eco-friendlier, and having an interest on contributing towards making change. This is the story of how my photography grew a connection with the environment, a natural connection.

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